Engineering Design Support

Innovative Engineering Solutions

Our engineering design support services provide your business with access to highly skilled engineers and designers who can assist with a variety of projects, from initial concept through to detailed design and implementation.

Mechanical Design

Expertise in CAD modeling, mechanical drafting, and product design.

  • CAD Engineers: Specialists in creating detailed 2D and 3D CAD models for mechanical components and systems.
  • Product Designers: Professionals who can conceptualize and design innovative products, ensuring functionality and manufacturability.

Electrical Design

Comprehensive electrical engineering services, including circuit design, PCB layout, and system integration.

  • Circuit Designers: Experts in designing and developing electrical circuits for various applications.
  • PCB Layout Engineers: Skilled in designing and optimizing printed circuit boards for performance and reliability.
  • System Integration Engineers: Professionals who can integrate electrical systems into larger mechanical and software systems.

Civil and Structural Design

Providing detailed designs and plans for infrastructure and construction projects.

  • Civil Engineers: Experienced in planning, designing, and managing construction projects.
  • Structural Engineers: Specialists in designing safe and efficient structural systems for buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Software and Embedded Systems Design

Advanced software and embedded systems design services to meet the needs of modern technology-driven projects.

  • Embedded Systems Engineers: Experts in designing and developing embedded systems for various applications.
  • Software Developers: Skilled in creating software solutions, including embedded software, firmware, and application development.

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