Tool Design

Mold Design (Plastics) :

Atlantis offers tool Design Services with expertise in the following areas :

  • Conventional Injection Mold Designs
  • Single and Multi cavity tools (including features such as pneumatic cylinder, secondary ejection design and control)

Parametric relationship is maintained between the component design and tool design where a change in the component is automatically updated in the tool. This offers the customer the luxury of making final changes in the component without compromising on the delivery time of the tool.

Sheet Metal Tool :

Atlantis provides services in design and development of sheet metal components in the following areas :

  • Form and Edge Rolling
  • Stampings
  • Forming & Hydro-Forming
  • Deep Drawing
  • Re-striking
  • Blank and Piercing

The service encompasses a range of sheet metal components and assemblies for Automotive, Consumer Appliance, Electrical and Electronic Industry.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Casting :

Engineers who are involved in pattern design in Atlantis have more than 15 years experience in creating castings for the foundry industry.

Atlantis offers the following services for the Casting (Grey Iron & SG Iron) Industry :

  • Aluminium Pattern
  • Sand Casting
  • Shell Molding
  • Machine Molding (Match Plate Pattern)
  • Gravity Casting
  • Low Pressure Casting
  • High Pressure Casting
Engineering Capabilities
Our engineering capabilities encompasses
a wide range of services