Product Design

Case Study

Design of Front Grill for 1.5 and 1 Ton Window Air conditioner
The design and shape of 1.5 ton and 1 ton grill are same where as the size varies. The customer wanted an exact replica with size variation. For this, Atlantis first designed the 1.5 ton grill, and after further interaction with Industrial Designers and Mold Designers, It created a flexible model using Pro/ENGINEER to enable it to quickly change the 1.5 Ton Grill to 1 Ton Grill with minimum effort.

Twin Tub Washing Machine

Twin tub washing machine was designed based on inputs and guidance from the customer. Atlantis designed the plastic, sheet-metal and casting components considering the DFMA in interaction with industrial designers and tool designers. Atlantis; having done the interference and clearance checks during the design stage itself, the assembly of the prototype was faster than the usual lead time.

The product was designed in record time of 8 months (commencement of design to first lot production)

- Product Design Engineer
- Design Engineer
- CAD Engine